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Leena and Luna International, Japan was established as private limited company in April 2011 to contribute in research culture. It is also providing services for imports and exports to meet strong demand from many people living around the globe.It is a rich organization having global support of intellectuals, experts, scientists, researchers, and professors of social sciences, humanities, management sciences, natural and applied sciences.

In 2012, on request of educational researchers and institutions , we have started an important task. We have launched three international research journals to support the researchers in social sciences, humanities, management sciences, natural and applied sciences. Since then, we have grown based on our mission of publishing quality research to promote research culture in developed, developing, and under developed countries around the world.

On March 15, 2012, together with all our advisers, President of company has introduced a new corporate philosophy, “Contributing to international society through the research culture for better globe.” Committed to this shared philosophy, both the advisers and the management strive to achieve the corporate mission of pursuing physical and spiritual happiness for people around the world as well as contributing to the development of humankind and society.

In order to achieve its aim it has already started working actively in the field of research and development in accordance with needs and demands of the researchers and academicians across the globe. Making “research and publication go hand-in-hand” its agenda, Leena and Luna International Pvt. Ltd. is working peacefully towards such a research platform which will be open for universal access.

currently it has a uniquely diverse executive board that works towards building a think-tank out of diversified intellectual minds of key research organizations across the globe. The entire team of Leena and Luna International Pvt. Ltd. seeks and works towards creating opportunities in research and development field for the better application of knowledge by creative minds, thus, bringing together an array of intellectual personalities under one single umbrella. Presently, it is managing three open access, refereed, indexed and globally-reputed international journals. We are also publishing open access books related to social sciences, humanities, and management sciences.

All the journals are open-accessed, i.e., the scholarly articles in each of these journals can be accessed (read/downloaded) universally free of any charge. The journals aim to provide a platform for creative minds to come up with new and interesting ideas for research and development in order to make this world a better and just place to live in. The scholarly articles in the aforementioned journals are filtered through a strict reviewing process reflecting only those creative thinkers who are working towards creating a just society.

Apart from the publication of journals the company is also devoted to organizing and arranging intellectual research conferences across the globe wherever there is even a slightest possibility. Its primary aim is to contribute richly to the international community through qualitative research in the fields of social science, humanities, natural and applied sciences along with management sciences. As it is universally acknowledged that a key to a better globe is the quality research culture that devotes itself selflessly in the creation of a just world. For this a think tank is needed which can come up with not only intellectual ideas but also highlight the problems and needs of mankind across the globe irrespective of any pre-conditioned identities. Leena and Luna International Pvt. Ltd. provides all with such a platform through its journals, books and other research related initiatives in order to ensure a strong effort in making this world a place where physical and spiritual happiness go hand in hand. Its sole focus lies in the development of society, and mankind in the larger picture, through its own people working relentlessly towards achieving the desired goal.

In upcoming times Leena and Luna Pvt. Ltd. seeks and looks forward to more opportunities of strengthening the global network of research culture through numerous research publications under the leadership of eminent and noted academicians, researchers and related thinkers. It also encourages a wide participation of young talents in the field to join hands in this noble mission and enrich the research culture for the creation of better globe.

“Leena and Luna International" will mobilize the organizational abilities and contribute to international society with the support of researchers, scientists, intellectuals, social scientists,policy makers, academicians, scholars and philosophers, for development of research cultures through application of creative thinking for solution of problems around the globe for better life”

The role of Research and Development Departments is:
1. To promote a research culture of open communication, continuous learning and improvement;
2. To develop a focus to recognize the needs of researchers, academicians, scholars, scientists, and social leaders;
3. To arrange workshops, seminars, conferences for capacity building of new researchers and to provide a platform to experts for discussion;
4. To publish quality books and researches by all means to facilitate the researchers, academicians, scholars, scientists, and social leaders;
5. To maintain and further develop critical research and development capability in key areas;
6. To establish research training management systems;
7. To focus strategic and performance-based resources into key research and publication areas;
8. To create linkages between the researcher and research organizations for better application of creative thinking; and
9. To develop a think tank for solution of problems in different fields around the globe.

Leena and Luna International Pvt Ltd
Chikusei-Shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan.

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