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Presently, Leena and Luna International Ltd is managing three open access refereed, indexed and globally-reputed international journals since 2012. A brief introduction of research journals is here with their base spread over but not restricted to the areas of research discussed in brief.

Asian Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities (AJSSH)

ISSN:2186-8492, ISSN:2186-8484 Print

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An internationally open access, peer-reviewed journal Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities is published quarterly in the months of February, May, August and November in English from Japan. Containing a rich array of scholarly articles on issues of social science and humanities, Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, is the journal of opinion and critical thinking in the field of academic research. Broadly it covers genres such as Law, Phycology, Gender Studies, Political Affairs, Social Work, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Literature, Religion and Spirituality, Mass Media and Communication, Library Sciences, Ethnical and Diasporic Studies, Arts, Public Administration et al under the umbrella of social science and humanities studies. Scholars are also encouraged to do comparative analysis in the subjects synthesizing cinema and other means of media with that literature and other related fields of their research interests. For more details please visit website or write to

Asian Journal of Management Sciences & Education (AJMSE)

Online ISSN:2186-845X, Print ISSN:2186-8441

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An international, open access and peer-reviewed journal by Leena and Luna Pvt. Ltd., Asian Journal of Management Sciences and Education publishes original and scholarly research articles on significant advances in the field of education and management sciences. It invites and encourages submissions on the fields of management sciences such as organizational behaviour, human resource management, strategic alliances, marketing operations management, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance, E-business innovation et al, along with various branches of educational sciences such as law and legal education, computer application in teaching and as subject, mobile learning, distance education and multimedia environment, globalization in education, educational leadership, equity and education et al, to name a few. The areas covered in the journal are not restricted to the aforementioned and scholars are encouraged to present case studies from different regions which surely propel a rich and better understanding of the global world and its problems, and thus help in assessing the solutions. Different cultural perceptions in management studies is yet another aspect that is covered by the journal and scholars across the globe are highly encouraged to explore and bring forth new dimensions in the subject field. For more details please visit website mail to  

Asian Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences(AJSC)

ISSN:2186-8476, ISSN:2186-8468 Print

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A scholarly and esteemed journal in the field of natural and applied sciences, Asian Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, is a quarterly published, international and peer-reviewed journal published by Leena and Luna International Pvt. Ltd. covering a wide range of topics under the common umbrella of natural and applied sciences the topics of the journal include but not restricted to Zoology, Biology, Botany, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Physics, Earth sciences, Environmental Engineering, Transportation, Naval and Military Sciences, studies in Macro and Nano Technology, Mathematical sciences, fisheries, forestry and health sciences et al. scholars are encouraged to approach the aforementioned areas from a global perspective so that problems and solutions can be approached from an universal point of view. Further, researchers and academicians, along with subject experts, are invited and encouraged to tread more to these less explored areas in order to propel critical and reasoning thinking in the academic research.For more details please visit website or email to

All the journals are open-accessed, i.e. the scholarly articles in each of these journals can be accessed (read/downloaded) universally free of any charge. The aim of our journals is to provide a platform for creative minds to come up with new and interesting ideas for research and development in order to make this world a better and just place to live in. The scholarly articles in the aforementioned journals are filtered through a strict reviewing process reflecting only those creative thinkers who are working towards creating a just society.

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